Retraction of my Twitter Preaching

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Here’s me putting my foot in my mouth less than a week after having chastised people for “holding back” in the twitosphere. In applying for a grant last weekend, I was asked to supply my Twitter handle. I did, didn’t think much of it, progressed to tweet away carelessly, remembered the application, read through my tweet history, and decided upon the need to take action a la My Fair Lady.

I deleted a tweet something along the lines of  “systems mapping is making me feel autistic” and I made some tweets over the next few days mentioning a play that I saw, a Wikipedia page that I read, a book that I had bought, an article I wrote, etc. Who am I? I feel so ridiculous to have condemned people for basically just wanting to be hired. At the same – why do jobs and grants and all these other random things that have nothing to do with our social lives keep asking for our Twitter handles?!

Anyway, the shame I felt during my Twitter makeover enhanced a feeling/worry I’ve been having lately – am I trying to assimilate with some Twitter counterculture? Talking about things I’m interested in academically or things I’ve done in the city isn’t “not me,” but I feel like I’ve built some kind of taboo around it. The Twitter etiquette going on in my head needs some serious deconstruction! – help me!  Am I just ascribing to the rule set of a different public sphere?  Do I even *get* the rules?

It’s so awkward and sometimes really annoying to witness a person trying to “find their voice” on social media. On the one hand, I hate all this hashtag-@mention-excess, aspiring-yuppie, community-engagement garbage. On the other hand, anything to do with absurdism, irony, or spelling mistakes so easily comes off as totally contrived. So I subtweet-insult these kinds of tweeters, but simultaneously haven’t found my voice yet either.

Well, I guess this post was mostly an apology/confession. And I’m going to try to stop being bossy and talking like I know everything … this is the internet after all.


3 comments on “Retraction of my Twitter Preaching

  1. d says:

    wow you are unbearable

    nice blog design though

  2. still trying to find my voice~ didnt design it myself 🙂
    what bothered you?

  3. Arteran says:

    You don’t have to give them your social media handles like your Facebook or Twitter IDs. It is invasion of privacy. You are under no obligation to provide them with that information. It should be voluntary only, and if they tell you otherwise it is invasion of privacy. My advice, leave the field on the app blank and politely decline if they grill you on your social networking access. It’s your right to personal privacy, and when institutions try to force students into submitting their personal information like that, it’s an outrage.

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